Music to Knit By

Design in process

Feels a bit odd to announce something I did 36 years ago, but after I let my former blog expire that housed some of my old piano files, someone suggested I could upload to SoundCloud for free. I don’t have any sights set on exposure because telling myself, “You could have been famous 30 years ago,” is not exactly useful. The recordings have been through at least three technology transfers from old audio equipment and literally time traveled more than three decades to arrive here in this moment, so quality is not up to today’s standards. I’m sharing here since I know knitters often listen to podcasts, music, movies, videos while we knit. If you find them enjoyable, have at them, a gift to you from my teen self.

P.S. I can no longer make music in this way, but now you know why I type like the wind for a living.