Day 9 – Cable Hat Free Pattern

The Chunky Cable Hat is a free pattern from Emily Wessel of Tin Can Knits. Perfect find in time for holiday.

Dove into my yarn stash to find a kit of extra bulky yarn I had bought a few years back to make a project I never did. I am seeing a theme here. So to solve two problems with one stone (I know, wrong metaphor but I can’t kill birds), I am both using up my stash and making things for holiday gifting.

Now because the pattern calls for bulky/chunky yarn using Size US 10/10.5 needles, and I have extra bulky yarn meant for Size US 13 needles, I modified the pattern to start with 60 stitches (six cable repeats) rather than 70. The fit works for my rather large melon head just fine. These have not been washed yet to relax the stitches, but I was able to make two in a single evening which is attractive the closer it gets to gift giving time and is the positive to my dislike of working with chunky yarn and needles.

Advent candles of sorts. I prefer to think of them as intentions to peace in the four directions. Each color represents an aspect of nature to me.

My spirituality tends to only make sense to me, which is 100% fine. No judgments towards anyone’s spiritual understanding. For me, this month is all about going toward the darkest point of the solar year, and the return of the light, and that is fairly universal across many beliefs.