Holiday Making Wrap-up

Three sheep made for secret family name draw (a knitworthy sister-in-law), thanks to Susan B. Anderson, designer of many adorable knits. I preferred to leave off legs since they won’t stand anyway, and sitting sheep shapes are wonderful. (When someone is deemed “knitworthy,” it means they appreciate the handmade and attention/intention put into an item by the maker).

And finally, an Antler Toque from Tin Can Knits, modified slightly by K1 through back loop, P1 rib and two colors, for daughter’s friend.


The hat was actually made twice, because in my making frenzy I inadvertently read pattern for small child not adult. It fits my cousin’s baby well (the one who still awaits his mystery blanket).

May all the made items bring the wearer/owner peace and good health. It’s been a wonderful few days off work forced by power outage and continued intentionally to give myself a break, soak up good tidings from the woods and family, and feel more human.


Day 14 – Traigh

I saw also that there was an ocean of darkness and death, but an infinite ocean of light and love, which flowed over the ocean of darkness. ~ George Fox (1624-1691)

Reading from Kate Davies’ Traigh pattern, “the undulating edge of this simple-to-knit summer hap suggests waves across a beach or shoreline – a Gaelic word for which is Traigh.”

I’m making my hap a winter one. I also played yarn chicken and lost. Love the Galileo bamboo/Merino, but should you give it a try, you’ll likely need 4 balls, not 3.

Today’s video captured dusk near 4 pm and a roiling sea. The books are pre-birthday happiness for me. I love the spirit of Kate Davies designs and her husband’s expansive photography.

Reflecting on sacredness of water across cultures while living on an island as I do, I often seek out music to listen to based on theme of what I’m knitting. Yemaya, Goddess of the living oceans, mother of all life in the Afro-Cuban and Yoruba culture has many tributes, this among them. Love listening to this pianist and how it shines as a percussion instrument with him.

Day 8 – Vignola

You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is like an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty. – Mahatma Gandhi

Vignola: Completed about six weeks ago, I used a gorgeous hand-dyed DK Merino gradient from Fidalgo Artisan Yarns, with money from my first paid commission in years. Of course I turned around and invested my knitting earning in high-quality yarn. Because that’s how knitters roll…

The colors to me are like caramel beach sand stretching to deep blue ocean.

A truly fun pattern to work with enough repetition to be meditative and enough variation to prevent boredom. Originally intended to be the one item I made in 2018 I would make for myself, it found a perfect home with my cousin after undergoing a difficult time.

I love this about creation…the creations seem to know where they want to go. Even though I’ve only traveled out of my region once in past decade, my gifted knits have landed in Alaska, Boston, Poland, Australia, Malawi. Religious-minded describe it as ministry. I think of it as a creative force working through my hands and heart going where it wants to go.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! (You can also find me on Instagram as waterwomanknits for mostly nature and knitting).

The products of science and technology may be new, and some of them are quite horrid, but knitting? In knitting there are ancient possibilities; the earth is enriched with the dust of the millions of knitters who have held wool and needles since the beginning of sheep. — Elizabeth Zimmerman

My intention is to explore where the practice of knitting daily intersects with healing and have a space to share the endless learning curve of the craft. My aim is to focus on a single work in progress, finished object or knitting topic query per post.

Random topic list for exploration:

  • process vs. product
  • favorite designers
  • designer bios
  • sheep breed exploration
  • choosing patterns to make
  • knitting as meditation
  • beneficial properties of wool
  • sustainable wool sources
  • climate change and sheep
  • a maker’s life
  • knitting and mental health
  • knitting books, resources
  • gifted and charity knitting
  • creating as a life force
  • why wear handmade when you can go to Target/Walmart/mass production store and buy ten machine made for the price of one?
  • knitting and worldwide community
  • knitting cultural heritage
  • knitting as precursor to computer technology
  • women shepherds (desses)
  • cleaning, spinning, dying wool
  • knitting techniques
  • teaching knitting to beginners

Temporarily, I have transferred posts from a prior 7-year blog that contains anything about knitting into this space, but I will be streamlining and editing those over time.

Wave pattern from Cyandine, Expression Fiber Arts


Prehistoric ferns remind me of nature’s knitting