Advent Yarn Calendar Week 2

Experimenting with increases created a feathering effect at the top before I reverted back to triangular structure. Seems half my scraps are in the red/yellow category and half in the blue/purple. It will definitely be a funky, one-of-a-kind shawl, but possibly not as ugly as I first thought, once washed and flattened. With different yarn weights, I’m doubling up the thin ones.

Yesterday got notice there is a planned power outage all day Friday where I live, forcing me to be unable to work. It’s hard for me to miss more than half a day out of 7 and still make bills, and Saturday is already scheduled for a family holiday gathering, so I was a bit nervous. But as luck would have it, a large amount of work came in to allow me to make up for it by working late nights. Someone’s watching out for me. : ) Looking forward to a day of hanging out knitting gifts somewhere that’s warm.

Normally I don’t have a Christmas tree. I never really wanted one, since I worship trees where they are. But this year, I got a potted miniature red/white rose instead. I enjoy it!

My spirituality is nearly inexplicable to anyone else, but I’m happy with it. I don’t consider myself Christian but grew up loving Advent calendars and lighting a candle each week leading up to Christmas. I practice Buddhist meditation, have studied Buddhism quite a bit, but don’t belong to a group or particular branch of Buddhism. I believe in angels, love Tarot and oracle cards as divination tools and feel close to spirit realm daily. I literally never feel alone.

For years, I’ve appreciated the practices created on Zen Habits blog. Whenever I can, I find it helpful to sign up for a month or two of the Sea Change program to focus on a specific topic or habit. This month it’s the Sacred Bow Challenge, and it’s allowing me to do a year review in an entirely new way. If anyone’s looking for an affordable program to methodically review your past year and set intentions for the new, it’s fun and enlightening.

Nature’s art during forest bathing – walking in the woods is my favorite medicine

Little Yarn Goes a Long Way

As I start 2019 with no work available, half a usual paycheck, (typical December/ holiday season in my line of work), observing my cold settle into my lungs and trying to prevent a sixth lifetime bout of pneumonia with deep breaths and hydration, I am grieving what I intended my New Year transition to be: Answering request to help harvest/work in food bank garden, time with daughter and nephew.

It takes all manner of patience and faith to believe in a promise of future work, and that I can finally one day break the cycle of so much life energy going to make basics work and paying debt load. Or at least that I can learn to shift my approach and attitude without going into further debt for the latest “fix your relationship with money, self, people and the universe” workshop.

I own my part in debt and own my hard work to do something about it. The one space my situation is paying off is daughter’s college applications. Having nothing combined with brilliance is a winning combo. And the reason why I believe despite it all the universe has my back is that paycheck to paycheck with nothing in bank to support two people is a miraculous existence. Everything we need is provided moment to moment.

It’s just my clinging to the idea I could speed up the process of attaining any way to retire (future worry) and release from debt oppression.

But in knitting, none of these musings matter. Knitting is a place where everything flows peacefully with ease. An abundance of color, beauty, comfort I can give away or keep arises spontaneously.

Other than a few holiday sale supplies to make specific things for specific people, I’m steadfastly working through and giving away my stash to folks in need while postponing bringing new supplies into my life.

Constantly working toward a yarn stash balance and answering inner dialogue:

Q. “How can you simultaneously moan of financial strain while gathering making supplies?”

A. “Knitting is a zone of health and magic making that pays you back tenfold.”

There was a time I paid many times as much for therapy than yarn in a year, so if knitting pays off in ways therapy sometimes cannot, a little yarn goes a long way.

Here’s an oldie but goodie article that talks about health benefits of knitting. After I mail a knitted thank you to a friend for a December kindness, I’m going to make myself another cup of Gypsy Cold Care tea and knit myself back to health.

7 Health Benefits