When Mojo Has Left the Building

Welcome to a few new subscribers to this blog! I want to share I am posting new content over on waterwomanknits.weebly.com blog. Not sure if I’m up to the headache of transferring domain, so likely will let it eventually expire. That page has an active link to my weekend virtual gatherings in the home page and a Patterns button to my Ravelry patterns. It is where I am slowly working on building nature connection content on YouTube in a time when many are restricted from the powerful nourishment source that Earth, plants, trees, animals provide.

I won’t list all the ways our hearts are breaking open at this time, because we all know. But my knitting mojo specifically has left the building in April. I knit daily for four years and before then intermittently, and this is the first time it is feeling forced. I was gifted incredible yarn support for my next pattern, and I want to honor that generosity, so I work on it 30 minutes a day, but even that feels a struggle, when up to now it was 100% inspiration.

I know I’m not alone in this, because several lifelong knitters I know are experiencing something similar. It’s as if our former tool for increasing calm and restoring us to center is maybe not strong enough to handle the psychic overload of today or relies on too big a part of our human cognition that seems to be frying like a corroding battery?

What to do about this? I recommend a pause. Just pause if it is no longer bringing joy and sense of well-being. For me all that does seem to help my sense of well-being is walking and sitting outdoors, and because I am very blessed to be living economically poor in an environmentally rich area, I want to share some of that with others who may be prevented from access. Even though many of my region’s public parks are closed to groups and traffic, I have access to miles of foot trails and lots of people-free spaces to roam.

In the meantime, I’m crocheting bands for healthcare workers like my sister who must live in their masks day in, day out and are experiencing ear pain from elastic. Here is a great tutorial for these, should you want to make some.

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A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.

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