Advent Yarn Calendar Week 3

Funky Shawl – Day 15

Remaining scrap colors I believe are in the blue range with maybe a single strip of yellow. This will definitely be a one of a kind shawl that screams, “I am an artist. You don’t have to like it.” I believe this is the first time I’ve ever “free-styled” completely making up something as I go, incorporating random stitches and random color scraps.

Running out of room on my 40-inch needle cord, so will need to move some onto a second needle before Christmas. After Christmas is past, I will post what I’ve been making for gifts. That is, if they are done before New Years. ; ) There are not enough hours in the day and night.

Side note: I do not own a TV despite working for media, so I go down YouTube and podcast rabbit holes to accompany my knitting. Recently, I’ve become strangely addicted to watching a series of makers and cooks in rural villages who post videos. They capture daily routines that fill me with admiration for the level of craft, expertise and care that I only glimpse a hair of when sketching my own designs or am involved in the act of knitting that seems to slow time.

Here’s one you might watch if you live in the Western world and have never grown rice, because it may cause you to never look at rice the same again, in terms of labor and inherent value of every grain.

I am mesmerized by this elder woman’s strength and knife skills in this series, and have watched enough of her cooking to start incorporating spice combinations into my own concoctions. Open fire and fresh air must add much to the flavors.

Then for the Swedish version of Liziqi, I visit the spectacularly gorgeous videos of Jonna Jinton, a nature-connected soul who broadcasts Earth’s beauty. Here she recorded the sounds of lake ice freezing and cracking that are similar to whale sounds, and set it to her drone footage of winter lakes near her.

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