Creative Intentions

My awesome sister offered a wonderfully helpful two-hour workshop I attended this weekend to assist creatives in getting clear about 2019 dreams for our work and energy. It’s the first time I’ve been able to participate in an offering (due to location and my dog allergies). I’ve always loved seeing her assemblage art creations, but now that I’ve experienced a workshop, I can personally strongly recommend her work to anyone, and not just because she’s family. She’s skilled at facilitating conversations and offering suggestions and support on anyone’s creative journey.

Here’s a quote I chose from the random fortune telling method in Sara’s workshop. Each quote people pulled from a container was based on one general practice focus for creating anything. The practice I pulled was TRUST.

When you write, speak with complete self-trust and do not timidly qualify ….Later, if you find what you wrote isn’t true, accept the new truth. Consistency is the horror of the world.

~ Brenda Ueland

I love and needed that last line very loud and clear. After a period of chaos, I’ve worked so hard to build consistency into my life that the structure is calcifying, soon to turn to stone, rather than fertile space for creativity. And I also needed this because I’ve been brewing a bravely personal blog post that I only want to write if I can make it useful to the theme of hand making. I now feel emboldened to attempt to write down these thoughts in a positive way that may speak to someone else out there who has similar experience.

After the workshop, I was able to clarify two main creative intentions for 2019, with more on back burner just in case I become Wonder Woman overnight and access some unknown superpower that allows me to accomplish more than the first two.

  • Set aside weekly time to explore and play with knit design concepts I have in mind, with a goal of writing and making one solid pattern by year’s end…letting go of pressure to perfect and sell but rather play with inspired design elements. I need to break through this “has to be done this way” barrier I’ve felt with protocols I see successful designers do (hire testers and tech editors) and just get my designs flowing in some form.
  • Host a low-key one-day fiber arts retreat in the woods, open to makers of all abilities. I love to learn about all fiber-related skills and can offer my assistance with beginning knitting. Everyone can be a teacher of what they know best, so I hope to encourage a gathering for anything portable someone wishes to focus on for a day, broken up by nature time, potluck food and conversation.

Back burner intentions.

  • Research cameras and lights for filming tutorials and video podcasts so that I can create high quality knitting and Nature content that engages community. At this time, I don’t have resources to invest, but I can research options.
  • Conduct interviews with local sheep and alpaca farmers and natural dye experts in order to learn from them and share their wisdom.
  • Create and collect questions to post that engage people and build community around what I love about making and knitting.

Next post will be my response to a forum led by Maria of Ninja Chickens from a maker asking where to find affordable wool/yarn to work with, especially when financially constrained. I realized after I shared my ambitious Make Nine 2019 on Instagram that I was going to need to answer that question myself. Buying a large size sweater’s quantity of yarn I’d really love to work with is in the range of $200, and that’s out of reach for many of us. Finding alternatives that still contain wool and natural fiber for under $50 is possible, you just need to know where to look.

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