My 2019 Word, a Finished Object and WIP

Until I entered the social media knitting world, I never knew what an FO or a WIP was, and I certainly thought a UFO was an unidentified flying object. Today I am happy to show one FO (finished object) and one WIP (work in progress).



Teroldego Shawl

The Teroldego is a summertime light shawl that is the most unusual shape of any I’ve made, lending itself to creative neckline origami but just wide enough to provide upper arm/shoulder warmth.


From luxury yarn to au natural sheepy goodness, I’ve been loving the meditative work on the Hedgewitch Shawl. Comments from the knit-along from December’s full moon to the Super Blood Wolf Moon on January 21st seem to show a universal experience with the pattern. Most people, myself included had to take apart and start over the first few rows, because the pattern forces mindfulness as you work the texture design on the back side that shows on the front side. Then once you have the repetition memorized, it’s pure meditation from there.

Hedgewitch is a tribute to the ancestors and the modern wise women (and men) who venture past borders and into the wilds and beyond where all manner of beasts and beings dwell. ~ Nat Raedwulf, Wolf and Faun Knits

I tend to love brilliant color, so this is a departure for me, but I am a nature freak and nothing is better than letting nature be. The more I learn about sheep and appreciate the incredible qualities of wool, it’s been a joyful process to watch and feel the rich earthiness of a natural wool blend I believe was a limited edition of several sheep varieties from Abundant Earth Fibers picked up at their mill last year, followed by the lighter weight but darker toned local alpaca from a mystery alpaca farmer in my area. My shawl will end with a deep gray/black and red border. I am using four colors instead of two contrasting ones called for in the pattern. You know you’re a sheep and fiber arts person when you wax poetic about different “colors,” which look all the world to most folks like tan, tan and tan.

I spent much of 2018 dreaming of becoming a farmer and threw myself into work trading on farms only to decide by year’s end that might be a little too far of a stretch for me to ever own/live on a farm given my not spring chicken body, lack of funds, and allergies to nearly every animal under the sun other than sheep. I mean, most sheep owners benefit from some kind of guard dog for safety of the herd, if not shepherding. Still a dream but not a likely reality. But while I live and work on my imaginary farm, this sturdy Hedgewitch shawl will be the warm wrap I’ll wear daily in the colder months outside.

2019 WORD


Below is a beautiful poem I found on the word I want to work with for 2019 with the intention of bringing more openness to people and opportunities, in addition to greater acceptance of all aspects of myself. I intend to plaster the word on my bathroom mirror, since it took me nearly four decades to stop tearing up every time someone would utter the phrase, “You are welcome here,” or even greet me with “Welcome,” and each time the emotion took me by surprise. So an internal and external welcoming of what is and what can be. I think I’ve finally gotten to the root of why I’ve felt so alien much of my life, but it’s very probable many of us do in a myriad of ways.

I welcome you…

The way the soil opens itself to rain,
and leaves absorb sunlight,
exchanging it for breath.

As a bird spreads its wings to
a rising current of air, sure it will be lifted,
and as the moon partners with the sun,
seeking only to reflect its brilliance.

The way a mother extends her arms to
receive her newborn,
and the stars, pulsing with delight,
receive us in the end.

As the glove receives the hand,
and the heart, though broken, love.

I welcome you.

(Rev. Peter, UU minister)

And because so much fear came up with my word choice, fear of overwhelm if I welcome everyone and everything in my path, fear of being gullible and easily manipulated (as is my nature), I love this quote to keep near:

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.

~ Joseph Campbell


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