Day 17 – Bounce

Whenever I got depressed, I always drove out to the Ocean Beach. Just to sit. And, I don’t know, something about looking at water, how it just goes and goes and goes, something about that I found very soothing. As if somehow I were connected to every ripple that was sending itself out and out until it reached another shore.

~ Sandra Cisneros

Short on time today and needing to get to holiday knits, sharing a baby blanket I made this fall called Bounce. So many color variations could be used. I used KnitPicks Mighty Stitch superwash wool. With two cousins giving birth a few weeks apart, one of the adorables got the blanket.

I confess I learned I am good at deadline knitting about 50% of the time, and babies are deadlines. The other one will get his blanket eventually, when I figure out what the heck I’m doing. I made two false starts with these blankets where patterns just weren’t working out the way I’d hoped, and I decided from now on where babies are involved, it will be bonnets (here’s a nice one from Petite Knits). Because no matter how small, a blanket is still a big endeavor that puts everything else on hold for a long time.

I wish I could convert myself into a one project at a time knitter, but that’s just not how I roll. Part of this I have come to believe is because doing multiple projects with different techniques changes up repetitive motion and therefore prevents injury and pain. In fact, it is a near miracle my life seems to be made up of repetitive motions (typing for a living, knitting for gifting and mental health), and I am not a walking injury. Probably if we break it down, most of our lives are such. . .habits and breathing are nothing but mostly unconscious, repetitive motions.

Tin Can Knits is a wonderful resource for many reasons, not the least of which they make their patterns customizable for sizes birth to triple XL, and they have offered quite a few free patterns over the years.


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