Day 10&11 – Moon Shadows Shawl

Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift. ~ Mary Oliver

I loved Romi Hill’s Moon Shadows shawl so much I made both the Regular and Tall versions of the pattern over the past year. The brilliance of the pattern is the narrative I interpret of full moonbeams reaching down through a canopy of leaves, filtering shadows into the darker layer of leaves.

For cost effective yardage, I use Cascade Heritage (75% superwash Merino, 25% nylon) for a lot of lacework. But someday in the mythical land of cash flow, I’d like to experiment with more variegated and subtle dyed yarns for this kind of pattern.

Romi Hill, Moon Shadows Shawl


Yesterday I was too emotional to maintain my post-a-day December challenge. It’s been me and my daughter for 17 years, and she turned 18 yesterday. Such a journey we/she’s had and plenty of new becomings on the horizon for this person who’s been my best teacher. Many days I’m in awe of her. As any parent, I wish for her protection from the same universal sources that have protected me this far in life.

I wish for young people who have inherited the Earth during these roiling times this word: Pause. Some learning to listen to and contribute their inner guidance of how best to honor Earth and a bit less blowing in the distracting winds. But maybe I’m projecting my own path’s lesson that took me until my 50s to learn. I can’t imagine being under 20 in a time when countless scientists are saying humanity has 12 years to act fast to prevent complete climate catastrophe. That’s a lot of pressure. Maybe I wish for them courage to live their lives honoring themselves and others and contributing whatever they can to this fabric of the mother ship we are all on.

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