Day 5 – Drums of Autumn

Look at the Darkness giving birth to the Sun.  — Khalil Gibran

Drums of Autumn MKAL is a work in progress playing perfectly into my light and dark theme. It is not blocked (washed and pinned to allow the stitches to relax into more uniform shape) and definitely not finished, but the center medallion is not like anything I’ve made, so I had to try.

I ended up tinking (knitting backwards) my first attempt doing it as a circle because I did not have suitable needle size, and instead made the circle back and forth and then joined it into a circle along one of the “petals.” Creates a minor irregularity I can live with.

For any non-knitters, an MKAL in top secret knitting code is a “mystery knitalong.” There are knitalongs (KALs) of all sorts on social media where makers are encouraged to create a specific design or type of garment and share their progress, but if it is an MKAL, participants receive one clue per week from a designer until the piece is finished. In this case, there are five clues beginning on November 4. Usually no one knows what the final project will really look like, only the category of garment. I’ve participated in a few in the past, but this was the first that published a “spoiler” page where the final project was displayed if you want to spoil the mystery.

I hesitated to take on another project, but the moment I saw the finished piece, I said, “I have to make that.” This is the way it goes with how I choose patterns. If I gasp upon first sight, I need to make it come hell or high water.

When complete in January, I will post particulars about yarn used here should anyone be curious.

If I can’t work on a farm full-time or live on one as I would like, it’s wonderful to live near one. Or two or three… Sweater was made 30 years ago for my mother (who passed it to me) by my grandmother who taught me to knit at age six. Lett Lopi Icelandic wool.

Thank you Grandmother!

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