Day 4 – Arboreal

The strongest trees are rooted in the dark places of the earth. Darkness will be your cloak, your shield, your mother’s milk. Darkness will make you strong.
― George R.R. Martin

A word about incomplete projects. One of the reasons I am posting daily in December is to set myself some accountability for what I have left incomplete the past year. I tell myself reasons for not completing this gorgeous sweater called Arboreal by Jennifer Steingass, when over 800 folks have completed it on Ravelry and I absolutely adore it. “It may no longer fit me well, because I gained weight since I started it, I don’t care for making sleeves, this is why I should never make fitted garments.”

I got this sweater quantity of machine washable Berroco Vintage DK during some ridiculously discounted sale two years ago intending to make something else with it but never did. So a year ago I started this pattern and find it maddening and ridiculous that I have allowed it to sit with only two inches remaining rib for the base and sleeveless. I have created a mini calendar for myself in a notebook with a timeline to complete my unfinished projects. If I don’t see it on real paper in real pen, time doesn’t seem to exist in my ancient mind.

My Rule of Thumb: I find nothing negative about working on many projects at once so I’m constantly learning skills and working across project types, but if a project sits unattended for longer than six months, it’s time to shift focus.


What I feared would happen today did, my jobs ran over expected time despite including a break in daylight for this project, so I was unable to get out more than 10 minutes. Frosty morning leaf photos will have to suffice.


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