Knitting Dreams

Several days before, during and after the total solar eclipse over the United States on 8/21/17 I was inspired to create an Eclipse Wrap. A prayer of sorts in yarn. This is the first time I created something without following a pattern or writing anything down beforehand, using yarn I had on hand as I went. Increasingly I have started to conceptualize working with yarn’s textures, colors and structure in a similar way to working with music as I did in my distant past as a musician.

Not only has my own life included an abrupt change the week of the eclipse with my daughter leaving home for a year, but the heart heaviness I feel over crises happening in the US and world needs some place to go. For me this year, that place has been knitting.  Below are two short vlogs about my knits taken in my favorite setting – outdoors.

To quote the foundational teacher Elizabeth Zimmerman:

“Knit on with confidence and hope, through all crises.”

If that is not instruction for our times, I don’t know what is.

Eventually I would like to obtain a better camera than my phone for vlogging and make videos of my knits outdoors. I always have at least four projects on needles at any given moment, but as I begin to create my own designs, it would be great to have a visual platform to share them.

Currently, I am spending as many hours a day knitting as I am for paid work. And both activities heavily rely on repetitive hand/forearm arm motion. To avoid permanent injury, something will need to give.  I am following advice of several great sources like this one, to experiment with varying knitting styles.

My knit dreams consist of the following:

  1. Continually learn new techniques wherever I see tutorials for free, low cost.
  2. Earn a second income stream from knitting in different tiers (commissions, design, tutorials/teaching, social service). My goal is to continue the physical practice of daily knitting no matter what, because it provides me great joy and benefit. I have listened to many interviews with knitting/fiber arts professionals who find they have zero time to knit in order to manage their business, even though their passion for the act of knitting was their whole reason for going into it.
  3. Earn enough from second stream that I can cut transcribing hours in half so as to prevent injury from attempting both full-time simultaneously.
  4. Eventually be able to afford help to set up a system I can live with in online marketing for said knitting business since the words “online marketing” make me want to shrivel up and blow away. I don’t like being on the bombardment end of email and social media marketing, so I cringe at doing it to others.
  5. I dream of involving my knitting in ways that support others, and someday I envision incorporating empowerment and self-sufficiency for women (and whatever men are interested), since knitting is a skill that can be learned and practiced with very little formal education and across language barriers.
  6. Develop monthly gathering for Stay Strong Totes Foundation and build network of shawl/shrug providers for “Hugs Through Shrugs” for moms entering the Ronald McDonald Houses in Washington State.

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Erin W

A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.

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