Knitocratic Tendencies

Romi Hill’s design “Moon Shadows” shawl,
completed in a speed record for me of 10 days – that’s anxiety, not intending to
break a speed record, proving that anxiety can be beautiful

Envision a society where instead of autocratic, iron-fisted rulers, we had knitocratic two-handed knitters. I want to live there. Everyone sitting at some challenging political roundtable or policy decision would know what to do. Knit before (or while) you speak. No anxiety, no tension, no fear. If things really got out of hand, remember you’re holding needles, and possibly you could drape your opponent in a jaw-dropping garment that leaves them speechless by meeting’s end.

For the past 5 years I focused pretty intensively on redeveloping and increasing a meditation habit to cope with life stress. Well, this year I replaced meditation with knitting big time, and I have to say it has revolutionized my inner life. Good timing too, as the world feels a bit on the precipice, shall we say. Not only do I feel similar benefits to meditation of letting go of troubled thoughts, increased ability to focus, and out of stillness allowing life to arise, but hours later when I re-enter “awake consciousness,” I have tremendous satisfaction from having produced a physical creation.

Half the time when I complete an item, I feel as astonished as anyone else.  Of course, knitting does not necessarily feel as magical and beneficial as meditation when you are a beginner. This is where this lovely woman’s site linked below describes precisely what to do. So glad I found her page today and just want to share it for any beginner. She has created a resource I would have loved to create if I got my proverbial act together.


I have even gotten rid of TV and replaced it almost entirely with rock stars. Knitting podcasters, that is. I always have one project going that I can do in my sleep and one project that stretches my skill level and focus. I knit the projects I can do in my sleep while watching a podcast. I want to note a few people from which I have learned a great deal, surprisingly even about everything under the sun that is not knitting related.

Some out of the UK, that land mass with a long knitting heritage.

Bakery Bears Podcast – This couple seems to have a lot of fun creating together and separately and put what seems like endless hours into their podcasts and mini-documentaries. Kay makes gorgeous designs and dyes wool as well. Even though I have an English degree and read much of Jane Austen’s work at some point, I learned all sorts of stuff I did not know from these folks.

Sockmatician – This designer/double knitter does stuff with two needles and yarn I can only dream of but want to learn someday, and in addition to having a full life of many other creative pursuits is downright entertaining and admittedly a bit off his rocker. His is the only knitting podcast I have viewed that made me laugh out loud and almost had to pee. I must be just enough off my rocker to appreciate it.

Knitting Expat – Have not watched for long, but a ton of admiration for this woman because I simply do not know how she manages to knit and design and create online content while raising a very young child.

As far as my own knit work goes, I have other news to share about a charity I am working with, but this is getting long, so I’ll create a separate post later down the road. Knitting even got me onto Instagram, somewhere I never thought I’d be.  #waterwomanknits if you care to follow. It’s turning into a 50/50 nature and knit image collection.

A little collage of 2017 far away from the madding crowd so far for me.


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