Knitting Weight Loss Update

Joji Locatelli‘s brilliant mirrored design is finally off the needles! I used a variety of stash yarn I had from different sources, including the awesome Bazaar Girls of Port Townsend for the rust and turquoise I believe from Mad Hatter yarn company. The multi-color yarn that pops is Knit Picks Hawthorne fingering, I’ve forgotten which colorway.

I’ve got my own first design to publish for sale by year’s end in the test knit works, a free hat pattern PDF to give away, and am working on a gorgeous Romi Hill shawl called Moonshadows. I unfortunately reached a snag in the Bernoulli shawl and frogged the yarn. In knit lingo, “frogging” or “tinking” – knit backwards – means pulling out or “un-knitting” something you made to reuse yarn.

Knitting must be a good weight loss plan for me (one calorie burned per stitch?), because in 2017 I have knit more hours than ever, and images below equate to what I have lost since February.

Four footballs worth, one auto tire, and two guinea pigs. I should be levitating by 2018.

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